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News Room

11/26/2013 Hiring a Virtual Assistant Can Refocus Your Business Efforts
Source: Vertical Response
11/12/2012 is Your Affordable Personal Assistant!
09/18/2012 Busy women's little technological helpers
09/14/2011 New trend of service networking
Source: Studio 10
08/29/2011 Gofer Does Your Bidding, for a Price
Source: The New York Times
04/05/2011 The World According to Tim Ferriss
Source: The New York Times
01/18/2011 Make Your Small Business Look Bigger With Virtual Services
Source: PC World
11/30/2010 How to Develop Your 2011 Office and Operations Budget
6/23/2010 Virtual Assistants: Do They Make Life Easier?
Source: ABC News
6/17/2010 Virtual Gofers Tackle Personal To-Do Lists
Source: Wall Street Journal
Source: New York Post
5/16/2009 Secretary at a different area code
Source: Channel 2 News Israel
2/3/2009 5 Personal Tasks You Can Outsource -- Cheap
1/8/2009 Change Your Life: Leave It All Behind
12/22/2008 Diary of a Self-Help Dropout: Flirting With the 4-Hour Workweek
Source: Wired
10/9/2008 Fabulous for Fab-u-LESS
Source: The View
10/7/2008 Why Machines Will Get Smarter
7/22/2008 Your Online Personal Assistant
Source: MSNBC Today Show
7/11/2008 Best Business Ideas
Source: IndUS Business Journal
6/29/2008 Americans outsource life's tough or mundane tasks
Source: Agence France-Presse
6/25/2008 Web sites allow users to outsource virtual errands - Fox News
Source: AP Business News / Fox News
6/4/2008 USA: Moderne Diener (Modern Servants)
Source: ZDF (video currently only accessible in German)
4/4/2008 Reclaim your life: 'Offchore' your work to a Bangalore butler
Source: The Christian Science Monitor
3/25/2008 4 Questions for Productivity Guru Tim Ferriss
Source: U.S.News & World Report
3/20/2008 You, too, can outsource
Source: New Jersey's The Star-Ledger
2/29/2008 Concierge services
Source: BusinessWeek
2/23/2008 From offshore to off chore
Source: Toronto Star
2/6/2008 Start Up Acts As Personal Assistant
Source: NBC11
2/1/2008 With AskSunday, help is on the way
Source: IndUS Business Journal
1/29/2008 Services cater to our speeded-up lives
1/24/2008 Internet butler a boon for the busy
Source: The Age
1/22/2008 Virtual valets
Source: Business Today
12/26/2007 Book me a holiday and then find me a date ? outsourcing is getting personal
Source: The Times of London
12/11/2007 Top 10 websites of 2007
Source: Time Magazine
11/29/2007 Indian Call Centers Meet Americans' Every Whim
Source: Der Spiegel International
11/17/2007 Move over Jeeves, Jagdish is here
Source: The Telegraph
11/12/2007 Trends: Life outsourcing
Source: CNN
10/31/2007 Hello, India? I Need Help With My Math
Source: The New York Times
10/16/2007 Sunday Services
Source: am New York
10/16/2007 5 Web sites that could change your life
Source: NBC TV
10/4/2007 The Weekend Guide
Source: Daily Candy
9/30/2007 Personal Aides: Worth it?
Source: LA Times
7/27/2007 Sunday gives you personal assistants every day of the week
Source: VentureBeat

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