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Request Types

  • Data Analysis/Entry
  • Internet/database research
  • Outbound calling
  • Social media management
  • Real-time remote login for technical and general support
  • Continuous processes
  • Document Editing
  • Uploading content onto websites
  • Managing online postings
  • Email correspondence
  • Miscellaneous – get creative!

Overview: Dedicated Assistant

The AskSunday Dedicated Assistant program assigns one of our assistants to work specifically for you. A dedicated virtual personal assistant will get to know your project requirements, working style, and how you want your outputs. Dedicated Assistants help our members gain perspective and clarity by taking on-going tasks off their to-do list so our members can focus on the big picture. The working relationship that can be built with a dedicated personal assistant is invaluable.

A dedicated virtual personal assistant equals individualized and personalized service without the added expenses usually associated with a new employee. You do not need to worry about technology costs, office space, health insurance, 401(k) contributions or taxes.

The Dedicated Assistant service gives you access to your own skilled agent, dedicated to your needs, accessible by email, IM and phone. Dedicated Assistants are available 24 hours 5 days a week from Sunday Night through Friday night.

Your Dedicated Assistant will bill only for the time spent working on your specific project, in 5 minute increments. You can always see how much time you have remaining in your month’s plan in the AskSunday Portal.

AskSunday utilizes a Primary/Secondary DA system. You will always be working with your Primary DA, but if he/she happens to be out of the office, a Secondary DA who has been trained on your work from when you sign-up, can step right-in and complete your tasks seamlessly. This key factor differentiates the AskSunday DA program from other providers and demonstrates the benefits of our scale.

The Process is Easy

1Sign Up

  • Sign up to the Dedicated Assistant service and start entering your personal details in the secure AskSunday Portal. You will be called by a manager who will welcome you to the service and work with you to select the right assistant to meet your project needs.
  • You will next be contacted by your assigned Dedicated Assistant for introductions over the phone.

2Submit Your Tasks

  • Email or call your assistant directly to offload your tasks
  • Give us a timeframe for when you need the work completed

3We Execute

  • Your Dedicated Assistant executes on your task accordingly

4We Contact you

  • We contact you with your outputs, leaving you free in the meantime to focus on other things

We understand that your work requirements can change over time and you can always change your assistant accordingly. The assistants work closely with one another and can leverage the skills of the entire team to complete your task. You will only be billed for the time spent on your specific work output.

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